Social Entrepreneurship – Now is the Time

Social entrepreneurship is a major area of interest in many social and civic organizations and has a significant impact on many areas of society. During the past decade economic resources have become more difficult to acquire and society has continued to exhibit economic and cultural decline. Concurrently, communities are in need of initiatives that will enhance their financial viability and … Read More

Checklist For Next-Gen Entrepreneurs In Space-tech

“Here are a few things that next-gen space tech entrepreneurs will need to keep in mind to forge new futures ahead”

If the first two decades of the 2000s witnessed the IT boom, the coming few decades are going to see a deep-tech boom in the country—producing aspiring entrepreneurs and bright minds solving the world’s most challenging problems.

The perception … Read More

Competition Law – Weapon Abandoning Business Tyranny


“In business, the Competition law will bite you if you keep running, and even if you stand still, they will swallow you”

Competition is a process of economic rivalry between market players to be a magnet for customers. Competition increases economic efficiency, and enhances consumer welfare. However, the market economy is also prone to failures where unscrupulous players can … Read More

The Psychology of Competition

On the biological, social, psychoanalytic and cultural theories of competition and the differences between competition, power and ambition

The Psychology of Competition – A lot has been written on the psychological aspects of competition and our need to survive and excel beyond our own set limits. Competition is also about power, about using our energies in a constructive manner so … Read More