Entrepreneurship in the US

Entrepreneurship has always been a vital aspect of the American economy. From Henry Ford and Thomas Edison to Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, entrepreneurs have been driving innovation and creating jobs, while contributing to economic growth. In fact, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Index, the US ranks first among 137 countries in terms of the quality of its entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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Top 7 Entrepreneurship Myths Debunked

Entrepreneurship has always been a hot topic among people who aspire to start their own business. But with this growing interest in entrepreneurship, myths and misconceptions about it are also becoming more prevalent. These myths can lead to confusion and misguided decisions, which can ultimately hinder the success of budding entrepreneurs. In this article, we will debunk the top 7 … Read More

The Rise of Young Entrepreneurs: Why the Next Generation is Taking Over the Business World

The business world has seen a surge in young entrepreneurs in recent years. From tech startups to e-commerce, young people are making their mark and revolutionizing industries. This trend is not surprising given the fact that today’s generation of young people are tech-savvy, ambitious, and driven to succeed. In this blog post, we will explore why young entrepreneurs are taking

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What Is an Entrepreneur and What Is Entrepreneurialism

What is an entrepreneur and what is entrepreneurialism?

An entrepreneur is a person who has the ability and desire to take risks and be initiative. Entrepreneurship is also a way of life that one can choose to live. There is no set path or formula to becoming an entrepreneur. As with all things, there are many ways to make … Read More

New Book Reveals Effects of Entrepreneur Family Member Upon Successive Generations

Brenda Cook’s new book The Entrepreneur’s Family: Seeking Balance, Recovery, and Growth is a groundbreaking look at how an entrepreneur’s passion and drive can have both positive and detrimental effects upon a family. Cook reveals that while the media is full of praise for entrepreneurship and the belief that the entrepreneur can have it all, both wealth and free time, … Read More

How to Maintain Business Momentum

When building a new business, you’re under immense pressure. You have so much to do and expectations are high, both from yourself and from the people around you. This means that you need to set goals to track your progress, maintain your motivation and keep yourself accountable.

But doing so can be risky.

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